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Flyer for Understanding the Impact of Technology on Children's Development.
First Aid and CPR Training for the Family
Digital Literacy - Introduction to Computer Basics
English as a Second Language class flyer.
Pilates for the Community class flyer.
Creating a More Supportive Postpartum Period


Program Highlights

Parent Participation Program

Come to class with your infant, toddler, or preschooler, and learn about the developmental stages of your little one while forming connections with other parents.

Lifelong Fitness & Community Education

Enhance your lifelong learning with a class that fits your interests.

Parent Education

Classes meet in the evenings and focus on a variety of parental skill and knowledge-building topics.

English as a Second Language

All levels of English learners are welcome.

High School Diploma & Equivalency Program

We're committed to providing students with ongoing support, offering individualized instruction to help students achieve their educational goals. Register at any time.

Cooperative Preschool

Three different options are available, offering a variety of schedules, ages, and locations. Parents volunteer one day a week. Open enrollment for the 2021-22 school year begins March 1, 2022.

Adult School In Video

Tap Your Sticks with Teacher Danielle
Grocery Store Field Trip
Humpty Dumpty