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How much do classes cost?

Our classes range in price from $67-$95 for each 10 week trimester. A small discount is given when two or more classes are taken at the same time.

Do you offer help with the fee?

Yes! We have a scholarship program for families in financial need. Please call the Adult School office at (805) 549-1222 to apply.

Does it cost extra for two kids?

Yes. Add an additional $30 for siblings over one year of age.

May I bring a child I babysit, my grandchild, my niece/nephew?

Yes, if you are the primary caregiver. Any adult in a parenting role is welcome to attend with the child.

How do I figure out which class my child should be in?

Please review the Parent Participation Class Age Requirements  . 

Can I bring a sibling?

You may bring a sibling to any class where the children meet the age requirements (i.e. 3-6 years). Infants under 12 months (immobile) may attend any class with their older sibling. We also have classes designed specifically for siblings.

What if the class I want is full?

Always add yourself to the waiting list. We look at wait lists to see if another class is needed.

How can I register?

You can register online, over the phone (805-549-1222), or in person at the Adult School Office (1500 Lizzie St., Room H2, SLO).

May I visit a class and then decide if I want to register?

Yes! You may visit a class one time for free to check it out!

Can I get a refund?

We know that with young children come many life and schedule changes. Let us help you find a class that will work for you. You may transfer classes during the trimester, but once classes have begun, there is no refund.

Do you prorate the class if I join late?

If you start mid-trimester, you pay half.

What do you mean when you say that I’m the student, not my child?

Both the adult and the child are students in the learning classroom. Since this is an Adult School, official enrollment must be the adult.

Will you charge if my spouse comes just once?

You may bring your spouse, child’s grandma, etc. as many times as you want for no charge!

I’m not sure which class to take. Can you help?

Yes! Send an email to Sally Ames. We want to find you a class that’s right for your family. Please include your contact information.